OmniPeace launched the Rwanda Rocks! campaign to announce our 8th school and first ‘music’ school in Rwanda. We are raising funds to support our mission and the official launch was June 25th with Courteney Cox hosting and other celebrity supporters and attendees. Please help us in accomplishing our goal of raising enough funds and making enough music to Rock Rwanda!


Rihanna Common

Gwen Stefani

Alicia Keys

Hugh Laurie

This is who we are

OmniPeace is a humanitarian fashion brand that builds schools to empower youth living in extreme poverty. Every time you purchase an OmniPeace T-shirt, you are supporting the Rwanda Rocks! campaign.

Can You Think of a Better Return in Life Than Saving One?

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This is What We've Done

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Every purchase of an OmniPeace T-shirt will support the Rwanda Rocks! campaign to build our 8th school and first ‘music’ school in Rwanda.

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OmniPeace has built seven schools in Africa; Senegal, Mali and Malawi. Each one is a primary school and in total over 15,000 children are receiving an education.

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Stamp Out Violence

OmniPeace launched the first ‘Stamp Out Violence Against Women and Girls of Congo‘ T-shirt campaign.

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Somalia Convoy

The OmniPeace Foundation partnered with The New York Giants to send two convoys into Southern Somalia to feed over 10,000 families.

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